At Full Circle Solutions, Inc. we specialize in supplying Power Generating companies exceptional, yet economical turn-key solutions to plant optimization of coal combustion products (CCPs) management. We accomplish this by maintaining control over the entire process starting with collection of the CCPs at the plant all the way to their final use. The substantial savings that we provide to our clients from high-volume, beneficial utilization enables them to enhance their profitability while demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and preservation of the environment.

Utility Services

The objectives that we at Full Circle Solutions strive for include:

  • Administration of the CCP utilization agreement including
    • contract compliance
    • reporting, resulting in accountability
    • dependable environmental, health & safety programs
  • Utilization of high volumes of CCPs in beneficial applications
  • Equipment procurement, maintenance and dispatching
  • Ash Pond Management for
    • All types of FGD Products
    • Fly Ash and Bottom Ash
  • Ash basin excavation
  • Ash dewatering
  • Loading of trucks from either Dry Stacks or Plant Silos
  • Dry Stacking of CCPs
  • Rim Ditch Stacking
  • Transportation to onsite landfill or beneficial reuse sites
  • Ash Landfill Management
    • Material Handling Systems (bulk, powder, sludge, liquid)
    • Site Planning
    • Operational Plan and Execution of Landfill Management
    • Landfill closure

By bringing together the challenges faced by the Power Generation Industry with the needs of other industries we are able to provide a "Full Circle of Solutions".

Full Circle Solutions. Inc.
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