To provide the most dependable transportation service to our clients, Full Circle Solutions, Inc. uses a fleet of over-the-road trucks. Tractors and trailers are chosen to meet the needs of the customerís product and loading conditions.

Transportation Services

Conventional dump trailers work well with coarse granular materials such as fly ash and bottom ash. These trailers provide the benefit of maximizing loads, which reduce costs to the customer.

Live bottom trailers are used where flue gas desulfurization products are part of the clientís CCPs. These trailers are used for this product since it is prone to stick in conventional dump trailers. The live bottom trailers reduce unloading time and increase the frequency of hauls.

Full Circle Solutions also uses roll-off boxes for smaller CCP producing clients that do not need full tractor-trailer service. Roll-off boxes are used where height restrictions prevent the use of larger trucks or when the CCP production rates are more economically handled in these smaller boxes.

Rounding out our transportation services is our affiliated company, FCS Utilization, LLC.

Transportation Services Transportation Services
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