Research and Development

To provide our customers the best possible by-product management solutions, Full Circle Solutions, Inc. not only keeps abreast of the latest technological changes in the industry but also drives research in key areas. Full Circle sees great value in combustion by-products normally overlooked by others. For years, the ash industry has concentrated its greatest efforts on low carbon utility ashes. However, Full Circle Solutions, Inc. sees a great value in higher carbon ashes generated by coal burning industries of all sizes. As a result, we have two patents for processes which use coal combustion products others would have thrown away.


Method of Treating Stormwater Runoff with Coal Ash: Patent No. 7,311,844. This is a “green” Best Management Practices control that removes nitrogen and phosphorus from stormwater runoff using recycled high carbon coal ash.

Method of Treating Stormwater Runoff and Domestic Waste with Coal Ash

Method of Treating Domestic Waste with Coal Ash: Patent No. 7,455,780. This is also a “green” tertiary treatment system that polishes domestic septic tank effluent using recycled high carbon coal ash. The ash has a high affinity for organic nitrogen and phosphorus as well as other domestic effluent constituents.

Method of Treating Domestic Waste with Coal Ash

These patented processes have been developed as we saw the potential to help solve one of the latest environmental concerns. Nutrients from industrial, urban, and rural stormwater runoff as well as from domestic sewage have had devastating effects on America’s waters. The Chesapeake Bay for example has experienced depletion of its oxygen which has reduced fish and shellfish populations. This is directly attributable to increased algal growth as nutrient levels increase in these waters. Our patented processes help remove these nutrients and provide a cleaner environment.

FOOTNOTE: Appian Engineering Consultants and Full Circle Solutions (co-patent holders for both ash patents) will be presenting a paper (Environmental Topic) in May 2009 at World of Coal Ash Conference in Lexington, KY.

Our focus on high carbon ashes has not stopped with filtration processes. We have also helped develop a process which will convert high carbon ashes and other industrial by-products into value-added products including:

Research and Development
  • Pozzolanic grade ash
  • Lightweight aggregate
  • Pelletized lightweight aggregate
  • Carbon-based products
  • Carbon black
  • Ladle insulation
  • Slag foamer

Research and Development

To further enhance the environment by finding innovative solutions for difficult problems, we are also developing a number of products for new agricultural applications. Many coal-burning industries are faced with the challenge of retrofitting their facilities with either wet or dry flue gas desulfurization scrubbers. The volume of products to come from these new installations seems overwhelming to many faced with only conventional disposal as their method of management.

At Full Circle Solutions, we see the challenges of other industries as an opportunity. With innovative ideas and effective research we are able to enhance our product mix, while at the same time help resolve problems faced by others.

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