For Full Circle’s response to CCP groundwater issues, see the Environmental Health and Safety page.

The mission of Full Circle Solutions, Inc. is to serve the producers of coal combustion products. We do this by providing beneficial reuse of those products in environmentally sustainable and economically responsible ways. We provide value to our customers by finding, developing and using innovative technologies for their benefit.

Finding commercial markets for coal combustion products and other industrial by-products is our focus and specialty. By bringing together the challenges of one industry with the needs of another we provide a “Full Circle of Solutions”.

The keystone to Full Circle Solutions' success is the reliable management service we provide to our customers. Full Circle Solutions' operations are centered around the philosophy of providing 100% beneficial reuse of coal combustion products (CCPs) and other industrial by-products. This philosophy results in substantial savings and increased environmental stewardship to CCP generators. In addition, beneficial reuse demonstrates the generator’s commitment to sustainability and preservation of the environment.

Through extensive research and “in the field experience” Full Circle Solutions, Inc. has developed an extensive array of utilization options to offer our customers. Unlike other ash management companies, we specialize in utilization of coal combustion products and by-products from all types of boilers. From the largest utility boiler to the smallest industrial or institutional boiler, we offer cost competitive solutions for by-product management.

With our list of reuse applications, we offer our customers the most economical and environmentally sound applications for their material. Among these are:

Agricultural Applications
  • Land plaster for peanuts
  • Lime substitute
  • Nutrient supplement
Horticultural Applications
  • Potting soils
  • Landscape soils
  • Mulches
Construction Materials
  • Aggregate
  • Pipe Bedding
  • Drainage Blanket Material
  • Structural Fill
    • Building foundations
    • Engineered backfills
    • Road stabilization
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