Groundwater Concerns

At Full Circle, we have closely followed the allegations of groundwater contamination from a CCP structural fill project constructed by another company in the Tidewater, Virginia area. An extensive study done to identify the extent of groundwater contamination, if any, is not yet complete.

It has been our experience at Full Circle Solutions that properly located and constructed CCP structural fill projects protect people and the environment. As a matter of company policy and to continually improve our efforts to protect the environment, we construct our projects in a manner that prevents any threat to groundwater quality. We properly handle any rainwater which comes into contact with the CCPs during construction. We properly slope, compact and cover CCPs as important public safeguards. Also, we voluntarily include an underground water collection system at our construction sites. To ensure our techniques are sound and protective of the environment, we have voluntarily monitored the groundwater quality at one of our largest projects, Peterís Pointe Business Park in Petersburg, VA. The independently-verified monitoring results confirm the safety of a properly constructed CCP structural fill. For a brochure discussing this project, click on the following link: Full Circle Solutions Brochure.

The Environment

Providing environmentally responsible and sustainable solutions to meet the growing needs of the power generation industry is the primary focus of Full Circle Solutions, Inc. The environmental impact of generating that power is of great concern today. Generators are making great strides at reducing emissions, however this often results in new by-product creation. New emission control equipment is being added every day with new challenges for finding beneficial uses for the materials that are created. We are committed to our customers and the environment to find the right solutions.

Environmental Health and Safety

At Full Circle, we look for innovative and truly beneficial uses for coal combustion products. One use for CCPs that Full Circle is in the forefront is the use of sulfur dioxide control CCPs as an agricultural product. Full Circle has registered the product as calciPlastTM. Rich in both calcium and sulfur along with a liming effect, calciPlastTM reduces farmers costs while also reducing the need for landfill expansion. We look for solutions that are a benefit economically to both the consumer and the generator while still being an environmental steward.

  • We are committed to improving the environment
  • We look for innovative solutions for our customers
  • We are researching uses for new materials created in the fight to reduce emissions
  • We explore opportunities to team with others to further the goal of increased beneficial reuse of CCPs

Environment, Health and Safety Program

It is the policy of Full Circle Solutions, Inc. to continually improve in our efforts to provide a safe and healthful workplace and to protect the environment. These conditions are ensured through an aggressive and comprehensive Environment, Health and Safety program fully endorsed by the Full Circle management team.

The Full Circle philosophy is not solely to meet compliance codes, but to do whatever it takes to safeguard the environment, our employees, and our customers. This philosophy is carried out by a dedicated and professional staff of individuals with diverse environmental and occupational safety and health experience.

The Full Circle EH&S program thoroughly addresses company compliance responsibilities and helps mitigate potential losses. The expansive program promotes employee involvement by emphasizing awareness, attitude, and accountability. The components of the program include the following:

  • compliance with applicable standards,
  • annual corporate EH&S site audits,
  • prompt abatement of identified hazards,
  • appropriate EH&S training for all employees,
  • thorough incident investigations,
  • EH&S advance review of proposed new facilities, systems or projects, and a
  • comprehensive industrial hygiene surveillance program, implemented by a CIH, which identifies and monitors potential hazards in the workplace.

Award Winning Safety Program

The success of the Full Circle Solutions Safety Program has been recognized multiple times by the State of North Carolina. The North Carolina Department of Labor has recognized Full Circle Solutions with an Award Certificate for Outstanding Safety Performance four years in a row. The most recent award was received in 2007.

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