Full Circle Solutions, Inc. is committed to beneficially reusing coal combustion products to make effective construction related products for earthwork, building and utility industries. Our construction products include fine aggregate, pipe bedding material, drainage material and structural fills.

Construction Materials Construction Materials
  • Aggregate
  • Pipe Bedding
  • Drainage Blanket Material
  • Structural Fill
    • Building foundations
    • Engineered backfills
    • Road stabilization
    • Roadway embankments
    • Golf courses

CCPs have long been recognized for their value in construction applications. Highly sought after bottom ash is readily used in concrete block as a lightweight aggregate. Bottom ash is also an effective bedding material for pipe systems. Its gradation allows for excellent drainage characteristics in road systems and beneath structural fills.

The use of CCPs as structural fills provides many advantages to the construction industry. By replacing earthen fill materials, it is no longer necessary to open and maintain borrow pits. Depending on transportation costs, CCPs can be placed well below the cost of conventional fills. Structural fills made with CCPs are often stronger.

Construction Materials

Typical compaction results are 95% Standard Proctor at +/- 5% of optimum moisture content. By achieving CBR results of 20 or greater, road construction costs have been reduced significantly by reduced pavement thickness design.

CCPs are readily utilized in structural fill projects of all types. Parks, industrial facilities, road embankments, and road beds are a few examples.

Construction Materials Construction Materials
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