Agricultural Applications

Discovering the presence of nutrients in some coal combustion products led to a calcium and sulfur rich soil amendment for use with peanuts, sweet potatoes, ornamental shrubs, grasses, pasturelands, and other crops.

Through our affiliated company, FCS AgServices, LLC, we market “calciPlastTM”, a cost effective answer to grower demands for a more efficient replacement for powdered land plasters and liming materials.

Just what is this new material? When coal is burned, one of the combustion by-products is sulfur gas. In order to protect the environment and provide the latest in emissions control, these sulfur gasses are sprayed with a liquid lime. The results are calcium sulfates and calcium sulfites. In years past, these calcium sulfur compounds would have been candidates for landfill disposal. FCS AgServices saw a better solution. Working with the agricultural community, we developed an agriculturally effective replacement for powdered land plasters and liming materials. The result is calciPlastTM.

The real results come in the field as growers add one more tool to their farming operations. Farmers can expect the addition of readily absorbed calcium to boost yields and to lower cost.

calciPlast calciPlastTM has proven its value:
  • University tested
  • In-the-field performance
  • Competitive yields
  • Lower cost per acre
Guaranteed Analysis

Total Calcium 15%
Total Sulfur 9%
Calcium Carbonate (Equivalent)     30%
calciPlast calciPlast
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